• Question: do you find your job has helped make an impact on anything?

    Asked by k.dundas to Will, Lulu, Fahim, Chris, Candice on 8 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Candice Basson

      Candice Basson answered on 8 Nov 2019:

      My specific job, probably not to anything in day to day life but what I do has an impact on our understanding of the universe. CERN itself is more likely to have an impact on day to day life through technologies they develop, such as the world wide web and proton therapy for cancer.

    • Photo: Chris Parmenter

      Chris Parmenter answered on 8 Nov 2019:

      In the space industry, things take many many years to develop and have an impact. My first project at RAL Space was to develop a device which uses quantum physics to measure gravity very very accurately. The technology isn’t ready yet, but hopefully one day it’ll be used to help find aquifers for water supply and monitor sea level rises due to climate change.